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Crack Repair in Concrete Structures in Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 16, 2012

Concrete is used for many things in the construction industry, including buildings, holding tanks, bridges, and parking garages. For construction, concrete is indispensable.

But, there is one flaw: concrete has a low tensile strength and it can crack when subject to tension. Even though it is reinforced by steel, concrete structures become vulnerable if exposed to water. The  tiny cracks on the concrete allow water to seep in and corrode the steel reinforcement.

Because of this, engineers often use steel reinforcement within a concrete structure in order to prevent the cracks from becoming too large – excess steel which is not only costly but has no structural purpose.

When concrete cracks, crack repair needs to be done, especially in structures such as underground retainers for hazardous waste, raised parking garages, stairs and bridges.

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