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Concrete Can Crack in Old and New Homes

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 28, 2011

Concrete is one of the most common materials used in construction because, simply put, no other material can produce the same results. Concrete is used for everything from concrete floors to building foundations. Despite this, problems can results with concrete over time. Problems arise for many reasons, not the least of which can be its exposer to excessive moisture. To avoid problems always be sure that high quality concrete is used and to stay vigilant for possible problems.
Concrete cracks often form in the basement walls. However, builders plan for cracking by putting steel reinforcements inside the concrete walls to maintain the wall’s strength. But don’t let this give you false hope that the cracks are insignificant.  Concrete cracks allow water into the basement, especially in older homes which do not have a waterproofing membrane installed like many newer homes do. However, even the waterproofing in newer homes can fail; the water proofing may not stretch over the crack and the membrane then tears or, if the grading is incorrect and slopes toward the house rainwater can pool next to the home above the waterproofing, enter the concrete crack and flow to the interior.

It is very important to get these cracks, even if they are small, fixed. It is these cracks that cause the problems in the foundation of your basement. They pose health risks, structural issues, and can damage your belongings. We have all heard of the hazards of mold, and moisture in your basement can lead to mold. Take a good look at the corners of your basement and check for mold growth.  Get foundation and wall concrete cracks repaired as soon as you can to maintain the safety and well being of you and your home.

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