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Causes of Foundation Cracks in Boston Area

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 25, 2013

Structural or horizontal cracks in the foundation are usually the result of settlement and/or horizontal loading. They can be the result of hydrostatic pressure or from using heavy equipment next to the foundation. Basement cracks result in moisture and gas penetration or water in the basement that can ruin finished wall coverings, floor coverings and furniture.

These concrete floor cracks typically result from one or more of the following;

1. Soil settlement beneath the footing resulting in downward movement of the footing, and shifting is common to most newly constructed homes.

2. Alteration of the water table from building a new home. The soil beneath the home dries and then the soil shrinkage causes minor settlement of the footing which can result in hairline cracking in the foundation walls.

3. Drying shrinkage. While poured concrete is dries and hardens, it will shrink. The major factor influencing drying shrinkage is the total water content of the concrete.

4. Expansion and contraction of concrete. Concrete poured during high daytime temperatures will contract as it cools during the night, this can be sufficient enough to cause cracking if the concrete is restrained.

5. Subgrade settlement or movement. The dropping of soil or the footing from the loads imposed on them, or shrinkage or displacement of the underlying support.

Water will leak through a foundation crack if there is enough hydrostatic pressure to force water through the crack. For more information on basement crack repair in Boston, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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