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How to Play Tic Tac Toe using the Condensation on a Basement Wall

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 20, 2018

Check out the video! These people had so much condensation on their basement wall they were using it to play Tic Tac Toe. That much water in the a bad thing. This can lead to mold, mold can lead to problems with your respiratory system, and it can get into your heating ducts. You want to stop condensation at all costs.

We got a call from a customer whose home is about a year old. They were getting mold on the baseboards of their finished basement. We recommended that they open up the wall a little bit at the bottom. That's what you see in the video.

We need to find out if this is condensation or if there is an actual leak in the foundation. It could be a crack in the foundation wall, we are going to open up the wall even more to find out. We'll run water with a garden hose on the outside of the home to see if it is a crack from higher up, if it is a leaking tie-rod, or if it is condensation.

If it is a crack we have an injection process that we use to repair it. We inject the crack so that the material that goes all the way to the outside or another material goes into the crack and a weave carbon fiber blanket goes over that. Similarly, with a tie-rod that may be leaking we can take care of it the same way.

We won't know if it is one of those two things until we run the water and open up the wall. Or, it could be what we call a "honeycomb" in the concrete. That's where they should vibrate the concrete when it is wet so to get the air pockets out of it. If they don't get the air pockets out of the concrete water can ooze out. We need to determine if it one of those issues above, or if it is condensation.

If it is honeycombs, we need to drill into those holes and inject the polymer resin in them. If it is condensation, what we need to do is get a good dehumidifier. I recommend a dehumidifier that can drain the water from the air to the outside. So, dehumidification can solve the problem or we repair whatever it is by injection or with the carbon fiber method.

Many people worry that with a problem like this they will need to rip out the drywall and do a lot of excavation outside the home to solve the problem. We will have to cut out the areas of the sheet rock where there is mold. If you catch it early, this can be minor, if you let the problem linger then you really get issues. There could be mold behind the wall, in the studs, and going into the floor joists above. My advice is to get it taken care of quickly so you don't have problems with the structure and your health.

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Should I Repair a Crack in a Foundation if it's Not Leaking?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 07, 2018

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and concrete will eventually crack.

If you discover a crack in your basement floor, wall, or foundation and it is not leaking, should you fix it? Well, you know the three certainties in life, but there is another: a foundation crack is going to leak sooner or later, you just don't know when. There is a reason people repair foundation cracks. One, because you get the cold air coming through. That is like having a football sized hole in your foundation. You can imagine how much cold air can come through that. You can also get radon and moist air coming through, creating a problem with mold. There is also organic material in the soil that is breaking down and creating odors which can come in from foundation cracks.

Besides that, wood boring insects can come in and, if the hole is big enough, snakes can get in from cracks in a foundation too.

Another big issue is when people are selling their home with a foundation crack. The average person thinks that means the home is going to fall down, when in fact it's not. But, you have to work with the mind of the buyer and you also want a bigger pool of buyers. If you have a foundation crack that has a warranty, it makes the potential buyer a lot more comfortable.

Additionally, if an appraiser comes in they are usually after the home inspection. If the home inspector comes in, sees the crack, and tells the buyer about the crack, they may interpret it as a big deal. They may want thousands of dollar off the price of the home, when it is only hundreds to fix.

If the appraiser sees it, and it is an FHA or VA loan, and the crack is put on the report, they will want a structural engineer to come in. We know most cracks are not structural. It saves a lot of hassle and aggravation for all parties if a foundation crack is repaired prior to listing the property.

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