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Panicked New Homeowner Finds Basement Water from Leaky Chimney

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 26, 2018

These homeowners had just come home from the closing and thought the water in their basement was coming in from the chimney.

They had a plumber come out because the water was right near the furnace and water heater which goes into the chimney.

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The plumber said everything was okay. So, I further explored with them over the phone on that Friday night. I asked if the water was coming in from where the floor and wall meet. They tried vacuuming it up, and it was not coming in from that area.

By process of elimination I asked them if there was a "shoe box looking thing" near the furnace. They said there is. That is a condensate pump. When the furnace works, it creates moisture and it goes into this condensate pump and then there is a little pipe that pumps it out when it fills with water.

I had them stick their finger in the condensate pump and see if the little hole was near the top. It is.

I told them to get a glass of water and pour it in until the water reaches the top. There is a float in there that is supposed to go on and pump the water out once it fills. Well, it didn't pump the water out. What was happening was the water from that condensate pump was leaking out onto the floor. Because it was raining outside, they thought there was a leak.

We diagnosed all of this over the phone because we want to be sure it is something we can help customers with and we are happy to help homeowners with their basement water problems.

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Worcester Firefighter Fights Basement Water Problem with a Pickaxe

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 14, 2018

I had a Worcester firefighter call us up. He lives in Hudson, MA and he had water coming into his finished basement. He couldn't figure out how it was coming in.

We told him to go outside and take a look at the wall where it seemed to be coming in from. As you know there can be anywhere from 3" of concrete to feet of concrete showing.

He went outside and sure enough he saw a hairline crack. We told him to go inside and open up that area in the Sheetrock where the crack was.

He opened it up, and sure enough, there was water coming in from that little crack. He was amazed that so much water could come in through a crack that small. He was also amazed that we diagnosed his problem over the phone. We went out and fixed the crack in the foundation and gave him a full-warranty. As a result, we have fixed a few more basement and foundation problems for some other Worcester Firemen.

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Water Leakage in Concrete Wall

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The leakage is coming in through a hole to the right of the stairs at the back wall of the garage. We believe the areas adjacent to the hole are wet from the single leakage source. Below is the photo and video of the leakage observed last week.


Common Basement Water Problems during Heavy Rains in Massachusetts

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 03, 2018

We are smack dab in the middle of Fall and during this tumultuous time of year, every day can bring it's own exciting conditions from heavy rain, to freezing conditions, and even snow. We try to always help our customers and others out there who have basement water problems. We've had some really heavy rains recently. One call that comes to mind was at 9:30pm on a Friday night. We got a call from a homeowner in Worcester. His sump pump wasn't working. I directed him to the sump pump and had him ensure that the outlet was working; it was. I then had him take the lid off of the sump pump basin, which was full of water and overflowing. I had him simply take the float, raise it and see if the pump went on, it did. The float had gotten stuck with minerals from the water. By just raising the float up and down a few times it got freed up and the pump started working again.

We are like a basement hotline. We'll talk folks through a lot of issues to save homeowners time and money. Another call was from a woman that had a stone foundation which was leaking. I asked her if it was flooding in from the corner, and it was. I had her go outside and check to see if there was a downspout from the gutter that got kicked off. There was, and she put it back on so the water was directed away from the home to stop the leaking.

However, because the water was coming in through the stones she wanted us to come out at a later date and fix it. The man with the sump pump called the next day, he was so grateful. But, he was also concerned that it may happen again, so he asked us to install a new sump pump and he would keep the existing one as back up.

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