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Block and Rock Wall Foundation Issues

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aging homes, homes with block foundations or homes with rock wall foundations often develop cracks or seeping water over time.

These types of foundations can have problems with cracking and shearing. Horizontal cracks in the mortar joints, horizontal shearing on the bottom of the walls, stair-step cracks in outside corners, tipping at the top of the wall, or even bulging are some of the problems with older home block and rock foundations.

Horizontal Cracks
Horizontal cracks in your foundation are caused by lateral pressure. Essentially, the ground around your house expands when it’s wet, and then contract when it dries causing cracks. This type of foundation damage is usually serious.

Vertical Cracks
Vertical cracks in your foundation means your home is having "settling" problems. Usually unstable soil conditions cause the foundation to rise or fall in certain areas. Often, settling problems can be seen in other parts of the home like door and window frames.
Cinder blocks are made of lime, and overtime that lime “dissolves”. You can tell this by a white film on the interior was of the foundation. The “dissolving” lime makes the blocks more porous causing weeping in of moisture in your basement.

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