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Benefits of Basement Dehumidifiers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 03, 2012

Humidity and moisture are inherent to basements and crawl spaces. Moisture can cause damage to drywall, wood, carpets, paint and your belongings. Dehumidifiers work to remove the moisture in your basement. By doing so, they stop mold growth and protect the structure of your home. it is very important to reduce the moisture and humidity in your basement regardless of whether you use that space for living or storage. Additionally, by reducing basement moisture, you slow down or halt insect growth.

Did you know that reducing the moisture content in your home also lowers the temperature? By lowering the basement humidity and moisture you will be able to run the AC less as well, thus saving on energy costs. Lastly, lowering the moisture content can improve the air quality in your basement and other parts of the home.

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