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Basement Waterproofing

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reasons for Basement Waterproofing

Mold and Mildew - will only grow under moist, humid conditions. Waterproofing your basement from the outside will significantly reduce the area available to new mold and mildew growths. This is very important as mold and mildew can damage food, paper, walls, and even cause respiratory problems. Just as taxing is the effort to remove mold and mildew.  Preventing mold growth before it occurs is key for your property and your health.

Damaged Possessions - moisture eventually causes damage to items stored in basements. Obviously, a basement that can only store waterproofed items might not be a very useful basement. If you would like to keep food, books, or anything made out of paper in your basement, then a proper waterproofing strategy is a must.

Structural Damage/Pests - Allowing moisture into the walls of your basement can lead to serious structural damage over the long term. Wet wood is also much more vulnerable than dry wood to a wide variety of problems that will reduce your home's value and your safety to live there.  Termites require a great deal of moisture to thrive and can live happily in damp wood, causing a huge amount of damage to your home. Moist wood is much more vulnerable to ordinary rot as well. While you can try to solve these problems after they occur, you are much better off protecting the walls of your basement with exterior waterproofing.

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