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Basement Leaks Water Damage And Mold Are All Connected

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you own your a home, or have rental properties, mold removal should be on the top of your list of concerns. Few things are less inviting than a house with a musty basement smell. Not only is it uninviting, but it is also unhealthy. If a house has a basement leak and needs repairs, you can be sure that the water damage will be pervasive and affect the entire house. There is a high likelihood that you will have to get rid of any mold and mildew as a result of the leak.

The mold spores are very tiny and able to survive in very minimal conditions. The warm moist atmosphere that follows water damage is an ideal place for the fungi to grow and prosper. In order to eliminate this nasty problem, several things must be done.

First, any contaminated items, such as water damaged wood, carpet, or ceiling tiles must be removed and buried or burned. It is nearly impossible to repair infected property once the mold has begun growing. It can be done with chlorine bleach and other cleaners, but often it is just beyond hope.

Any black mold spots must be cleaned up as well. This is a time consuming, but uncomplicated task. It can be easily accomplished with vinegar and baking soda, or any number of environmentally safe cleaners. Not only will this improve the appearance of the room, but it will help prevent the spread of mold spores.

Next, the leak needs to be repaired. This can be a simple project, or it can become extremely complicated, depending on the extent of the problem. Some leaks can be fixed by waterproofing the walls and floor. But most of the time if there is a mold issue do-it-yourself leak repair is a daunting task. It would be in your homes best interest if you hired the professionals to take care of the leak. Not only can we fix the leak but we can eliminate the mold as well using our proven A-1 Method

The final requirement to get rid of mold and mildew caused by water damage to the basement is to lower the temperature. Once the temperature is lowered, the mold will be much less inclined to grow. When the moisture is under control, the black mold is cleaned up, and the temperature lowered you will notice the atmosphere in the house will be dramatically improved. The air will be fresh and clean, plus the health of your family will likely improve as a result.

If you are experiencing mold problems or have a leaky basement that is causing water damage, contact us today. Don't let even the smallest of leaks go unattended, that is all it takes for big water damage and mold to ensue.

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