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A Flooded Basement Causes Problems for your Whole House

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 09, 2011

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have had quite a bit of rain. Unfortunately there are some more wet days ahead. We have met people who have water in the basement who never have before. Well, if your basement gets flooded once, it will get flooded again. Even well-made foundations can develop cracks and problems over time.

Between your foundation and your roof, it is hard to say which is more important to the structural integrity of your home, but surely, your foundation is the cornerstone of your home, the footing.

Foundation problems cause whole house problems. Settling soil, heavy rain, and other ground movement issues can cause water to enter a basement even if there has never been a water problem before. Serious problems can arise from cracking, crumbling, and settling in and around your foundation. When your basement gets flooded, those problems are compounded.

Click "flooded basement" if you are concerned about your foundation or have recently had water in your basement.

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